Building a mass movement
of everyday antifascists

What is

Short for Popular Mobilization, PopMob is a group of concerned Portlanders united around a single, common goal: Inspire people to show up and resist the alt-right with whimsy and creativity. We’re activists and organizers from many groups, including labor rights, arts, education, healthcare, and more. We believe that the people of Oregon don’t want what the alt-right is selling and we know we can push back against hate as one strong community. 


Recent events

The Spectacle

August 17th, 2019

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On August 17th, Portlanders were faced with a terrible decision: stay home while fascists descend on their city and attack people, or stand together against hate knowing there was a high likelihood Portland Police Bureau would once again violently attack Portlanders who came out to protect their city. So a coalition was formed of local groups to create something different — something truly inclusive that showed the Proud Boys how Portlanders felt about their bigotry. Over a thousand everyday antifascists showed up, vastly outnumbering the far-right agitators. 


And it was spectacular. Many demonstrators at The Spectacle told us they hadn’t come out to many (or any) protests before, and several expressed appreciation for the opportunity to participate in novel ways — from interfaith meditation and Shabbat services to a dance party with a full brass band. Together we stood as one diverse, strong, united community and it was beautiful. We spent our morning cheering on incredible performances and speakers, including NAACP’s E.D. Mondaine, Rabbi Deborah Kolodny, The Unpresidented Brass Band (in full Banana Bloc regalia), Mic Crenshaw, and the jaw-dropping moves of The House of Flora and The House of Ada.

 For those who couldn’t join us in person, we created a fundraiser for Causa, a local immigrant rights organization. Everyday antifascists pledged anywhere from two cents to five dollars per person who showed up to the Proud Boy rally. In all, we raised well over $100 per Proud Boy who appeared, showing just how many everyday antifascists there really are out there — In the end, it added up to over $36,000 raised for immigrant rights. Portland drove out the Proud Boys after just half an hour. 

They threatened to come back. If they do, we’ll be out there again but even bigger and even better than last time. We will not let hate win. #BeTheSpectacle

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MilkSHAKE: Shake Back the Streets

June 29th, 2019

On Saturday June 29th, PopMob, Rose City Antifa, Democratic Socialists of America, and hundreds of Portlanders came together to oppose the Proud Boys and alt-right provocateurs gathering in Portland. We created a fun, unique opportunity for this vibrant city to show the world we don’t stand by when hate marches through our streets. It was wildly successful. People danced, laughed, drank delicious vegan milkshakes, and stood in solidarity as a community united against hate. PopMob served over 750 milkshakes to demonstrators, using music and whimsy to create an atmosphere of joyful resistance against the threats posed by Proud Boys and the alt-right contingent.

Our Streets

March 2nd, 2019

In response to recent attacks on queer and trans people in Portland we came together with other local organizations and community members for a full day conference. In addition to handing out safety supplies, we offered classes on self-defense, situational awareness, and de-escalation. There was a poetry workshop, a Local Fash 101 overview, and community discussions — We even partnered with the popular Trans & Queer Clothing Swap that usually takes place at the Q Center. Local counselors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists were also on site to provide free bodywork. It was an incredible day of healing and queer resilience.

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Survivor Shoutout

November 17th, 2018

As local alt-right organizations mocked and degraded survivors in downtown Portland on a cold Saturday morning in fall, we came together to amplify the voices of survivors and push back against those trying to silence survivors, erase trans identities, control the bodies of women and people of color, and criminalize families and individuals seeking safety. We gathered in Chapman Square and invited members of the community to share their stories and get loud. A

Prep Conference

November 10th, 2018

Leading up to the Survivor Shoutout, we held a prep conference to help community members get ready for the actions on November 17th. As a part of our aim to bring more people out to protests, we provided a full day of events to support Portlanders who wanted to gain new skills for the upcoming event. We had a sign/banner making station, free safety supplies, and workshops that included know-your-rights training, eye flushing demonstration and practice, and self-defense courses.

All Out PDX

August 4th, 2018

On August 4th, Patriot Prayer invited local racists, xenophobes, and bigots of every stripe to harass and assault people in downtown Portland. Yet again, their event threatened to instigate a toxic brew of violence and hatred that would spill out into the streets and send people to the hospital. More than 1,000 of us gathered in front of City Hall and marched to the waterfront to show the alt-right who’d come to threaten Portland’s most vulnerable communities that their hatred and brutal street violence will no longer be tolerated here, or anywhere.

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