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On August 17th, alt-right jerks plan to terrorize Portland once again. They’re upset because antifascism is winning hearts across the world. They hate everything that makes Portland great. They think we’re too weird, too queer, too far left. They want to scare us into hiding our true selves. But we won’t let them.

We’re going to meet their hatred and bigotry with a huge celebration of everything that makes Portland great: We’re going to create the biggest, most ludicrous ad hoc dadaist street festival in human history! Let’s make Portland weird again!

In order to make this a possibility, we’re going to need your help! Consider making a donation today and help us make The Spectacle a reality!

PopMob is an entirely volunteer-run organization that depends on community support to cover all costs — that includes everything from PA rental fees to vegan milkshakes to the hosting costs for this website. We fundraise before events so we don’t have to charge for anything at actions.

If you have a few bucks to spare and would like to help us build a mass movement against bigotry and fascism, consider making a donation. Every dollar counts!

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